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What’s that thing called God?


What is God, His/ Her relationship to us, why do we exist and what's our expected role in the World - all these questions are probably as old as the human kind itself. I was asking these questions since my childhood and was trying to find answers during all my life. I searched in different philosophical, scientific and religious systems, but none of them was able to provide me with satisfactory explanations. I must say that the moment when I started to see clearer arrived maybe surprisingly after intensive study of modern physics. Until then I was a stubborn atheist, educated in the materialistic thought system of "Scientific Communism" of the former Eastern block. I suddenly realized that principles of particle physics did not at all exclude the existence of God, but in the contrary could lead exactly to an opposite result. On this page I would like to share with you my conclusions related to those abovementioned ancestral questions. I do not pretend to hold any unique and absolute truth - what I am saying here below is just the result of my life-long search and cogitation.

God, whom I am calling here an Entity or a Being, is surely not any such a kind of Being inclined to interfere with the course of human affairs, and definitely is not driven with the interest in individual human destinies. There had to be a specific reason why God at once created the Universe and us, which would explain why our Universe seems so much to be as "tailor made" to human kind. I think that God needed to create the Universe in order to provide for His/ Her reproduction and we are indispensable tools or intermediaries in this procreation process. I believe that God intervenes in human lives only when it is essential for the preservation of the right direction of humanity evolution - indispensable for attaining of His/ Her objectives. Nevertheless, I would even dare to doubt about this very hypothesis as I am more tempted to believe that God is rather prone to letting the things take their own course because when a specific breeding experiment does not succeed at the first attempt, it can be easily repeated as God dwells outside of Space and Time - God is eternal and has no reason to hurry and certainly isn’t subject to impatience.


What does the Universe produce?


In the light of recent discoveries on the “missing matter” in the Universe we might assume that it might be expanding and collapsing periodically; and if it’s so - then we should enquire after the reason why. What the aim and the purpose are? Universe is created, Life is conceived, and all this get mercilessly destructed. All begins from an infinitely small particle, an infinitely massive and in the same time infinitely tiny germ, which suddenly expands by means of the Big Bang into the new Universe. And after some 17 or more billions of years it collapses during a reverse process to recover its original volume and form.

Thereby from a material point of view, nothing is being created nor lost. That’s why we have to turn our attention toward the realm of spiritual world. When a person dies, the soul leaves the body (or at least some people including me believe this). Generally it is conceded that a soul has no material substance, and that might be the reason why it would be probably impossible to ever furnish scientific evidence of its existence. Our psyche serves as a kind of a bridge between the soul and the material world and during certain states of consciousness it is downright becoming a bridge to God. If I am right, then the soul should not be bound by physical limitations of our Universe, and this could mean that here we've got that significant product which might represent a valid reason for the merry-go-round of Universe creations and destructions. But why is this soul so much important and necessary, for whom and what for?


Are we any kind of a hatchery?


Oriental beliefs in reincarnation say that we would be reincarnating from the lower forms of life to the higher, culminating in the human form under which we should achieve the state of enlightenment – the nirvana – when our souls get merged with God (although on the other hand we might undergo a degenerative process and return to some of the lower forms when the development of our soul was neglected and we burdened our karma).

In my view, all souls are a projection of God in our Universe. We all are part of One - individual beings, but like the leafs of one tree. Our life experience offers us a chance to improve ourselves and to grow spiritually - to become a better person, a spiritually developed being. I believe that the reason for the existence of our Universe subsides at the very moment when the great majority of souls complete this process. At that time the enlightened souls constituting the potential of Earth will fuse into a brand new Entity – a new God (maybe together with other non-human(?) souls which had undergone a similar transformation in different corners of the Universe). Therefore I believe that the original Entity existing beyond our Time and Space is using us this way to reproduce It-self. It creates a Universe, let life develop within it up to the form of intelligent beings gifted with an ability to improve and to develop their own souls. And when the number of enlightened (improved) souls reaches the critical point necessary for the creation of a new Entity, this new God is born, the Universe dies and the non-enlightened, unutilized souls return into the Entity. This might be in my opinion the reason behind the cyclic character of Universe.


Is it of any concern to us?


The question we should ask is, how many Universes have to be created by this Entity before one finally succeeds? And from this one unwinds another question – is our Universe destined to give birth to a new God, or is it condemned to become just one of many other prematurely terminated, failed experiments? The Entity wouldn’t care – it is patient and eternal, living in its undefined Time - so it’s only up to ourselves, it depends on us if we take a good care of our souls and thus fulfill the sense of our existence, or if we go mindlessly on in accumulation of material possessions, destruction of Mother Nature and of spiritual patrimony of the human kind, until we reach the moment of final destruction caused by our own society and by our own means.

Maybe it is a good thing that the mankind inadvertently slipped on the present wrong, materialistic path because the day when it matures we will hopefully understand that we need to look in another direction, and then – although after having paid the price of great sacrifices – we will set out for the right road and this time we would be perhaps wiser and take a good care of not slipping away again. Unless the mankind doesn’t achieve its self-destruction on its own beforehand, of course …




Something has just crossed my mind


When night is young and still the last echo of sunshine is dying away in the dark - a flock of runaway asters scattered over the velvet navy vault is herded under their pale shepherd's sharp eye,

Walking along the streets of Prague I hold my breath over all that beauty above my head, unseen to passers-by whose eyes would never meet the sky,

And I am musing over the real and true richness and see that it’s not hidden out in big wheels, brownstone and bank accounts.

It’s simply the power to feel World’s beauty that makes me the richest person beneath the sky as well as the happiest one under the Sun.

People marveled by simple beauty get happiness for reward - not those who chase for cash, taking happiness for thing you can bargain for, to buy.

Just look at the real splendor and the true glory – they'll never be for sale, you'll never find them at retail.




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