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bushka at the MMM2005My name is Bushka, and young people are sometimes calling me Auntie Bushka. I am neither a dog Bushka, although some folks name dogs like that, nor a pot-bellied pig as this Bushka, but I am looking like this:

Ubique is not as as good as I am in writing (same as I couldn't purr like her), so I shall do it on her behalf. We both live in Prague (in the Czech Republic) which is a very beautiful and ancient city in the heart of Europe. Walking through the city in the night you can smell the breath of historical events that used to take place in splendid churches and palaces, and walking on its narrow streets of the Old City you feel like the fabled Golem should appear behind the next corner. Once you get tired of all that ancient beauty you just sit down in one of so many pubs and have a good Czech beer or anything else you are used to enjoy for relaxation.

If you want to know more about Prague and the Czech Republic, try the following link: Czech President and his Castle, or book directly a stay in Prague and discover its beauty on your own - Holiday Apartments and Hotels in Prague. You can also visit the site of the worldwide famous Czech photographer living in Prague - Jan Saudek - and see his internationally appreciated work. Prague is the city of culture and music with many theaters and concert halls, from classical to alternative scene. Recent archeological findings have situated the cradle of ancient Celts to the location of contemporary Prague (following the recent genetic studies, every third Czech is of a Celtic origin). Many of those who visited Prague say, that it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I can only agree with them and invite you to see it by yourself too.

bushka bryndova and jan saudek

Bushka with the famous Czech photographer Jan Saudek

Courtesy Petr "Jonatan" Flicek





BUSHKA is a 52 years old female human being. She's working as an independent translator and publicist. You can read some of her articles in English, French and Spanish in the "Archive of articles". She was living in several foreign countries (Cuba, France, Belgium) and she speaks fluent Czech, English, French and Spanish. As she was opposed to the Communist regime, she ran away from her country of origin (Czechoslovakia) in 1982 and lived for 14 years in forced exile in the Western Europe. You can see a page on an old Soviet game "NU PAGADI" very popular behind the iron curtain in the 80s - transformed into a PC emulation in 3D by young Czech software experts.

Since 1995 Bushka is back in Prague - now her country is called the Czech Republic. She faced very difficult situations during her exile and acquired very interesting and divers experiences. In the years 1990-93 she worked as an expert at the Commission of the European Union in the Technical Assistance Program to the ex-USSR – TACIS. Among the ex-Soviet officials that she used to meet within the framework of her job was also the former Vice-Mayor of St. Peterburg - today’s President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. During one of her missions in the ex-Soviet republics she witnessed a violent coup d’Etat attempt (in the Trans-Caucasus) and found out how it feels when someone points a gun at you. But she had also initiated an important transport and communication project aiming to break the insulation of ex-Soviet Republics in the Central Asian region (TRASECA) negotiating with governments in the regions of Trans-Caucasus and Central Asia their participation to this project.

For a few months after the Czech Velvet Revolution, which ended 40 years long Communist dictatorship in her country in November 1989, she was a spoke-person of the Czech Citizen Forum in Brussels. But she did not have the skin thick enough to stay in politics. At present she is involved in human rights defense and on the local ground she is active in the fight for the decriminalization of medical and personal use of cannabis in the Czech Republic. She was collaborating during 2001 on this issue with the Czech Parliament, but the legislation proposal was rejected. Bushka is a member of the Czech movement OSLíK (Civic Assosiation for Legal Cannabis), of the ENCOD - European Coalition for Juste and Effective Drug Policies and she is also a Friend of LEAP:


Law Enforcement Against Prohibition


Bushka likes music with the preference for blues and jazz. She has a wide range of interests from philosophy to history and modern physics, but also enjoys a good fun, and that is why she prepared for you a page on her favorite "CARTOONS" - most of them are rather brutal and disgusting, so if you are of a softer nature, you'd better keep away from this page! :o)).

Other page of this web, "THE BUSHKAISM", is much more serious - it is her reflection on the sense of human existence and on important life values. Human rights and ecology issues are not of less importance to her. Bushka is also interested in the culture and the history of Native Americans since she had lived as a child in Cuba, where she discovered to her great dismay, that all indigenous inhabitants of this island were exterminated by whitemen, since a long time ago.

She is interested in the recent history of Native Americans, too. With a great attention she's been following already for many years the case of Lakota people's claim for the return of the Black Hills and the case of Leonard Peltier. He is a Native American prisoner accused of participation to a murder of two FBI agents, serving a life prison sentence in Leavenworth (USA) in spite of the fact, that the prosecution later on admitted not to know who did actually kill those agents. She believes that the issue is not about his guilt, but that he was judged and sentenced on the base of evidence falsified by the FBI.

Methods of the FBI used in Peltier's case strongly reminded her of the methods utilized in still recent past by another "three letters" organization in her own country - the STB (Communist secret police). Bushka signed a petition asking President Bush to grant an executive clemency to Leonard Peltier (the old petition with more than 26 000 signatures was handed over to President Clinton to support the demand of clemency), and is asking every person concerned by human rights to get acknowledged with the case and do the same. And as the case of Leonard Peltier had insofar been almost absolutely unfamiliar to the Czech public, she created the sub-web "LEONARD PELTIER" and published several articles on Native American issues in the popular Czech internet newspaper Britske listy (British Papers) and in no more existing e-zines Svet Namodro (World in Blue) and Koukat.cz.

When she found out what kind of abject lies and slanders were spreading Peltier's opponents on the website of pensioned and present FBI agents and their supporters, called No Parole Peltier Association (NPPA), Bushka decided to start a campaign for Czech support and signatures under the above mentioned petition. The case of Leonard Peltier was unknown to Czechs before, but now it is no more the case! The LPSG Czech Republic was created and organized several actions (including a demonstration in front of the US Embassy in Prague) in solidarity with the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee. Bushka also created, this time in English, another sub-web, "Free Leonard Peltier", dedicated to Leonard. There you will discover this famous political prisoner as an accomplished writer and poet in the extracts of his book "Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sundance" on the page "Leonard's Writings" and you will be amazed by his talent of an artist discovering the gallery of 36 oils and lithographs painted in prison.

The page "US CONSTITUTION" is dedicated to the Native American Five Nations Constitution, which had served as a model to the draft of US Constitution. On the page "AMERICAS SUMMIT" you will find the speech on FTAA delivered at the Summit of Americas in 2001 by Chief Matthew Coon Come, a Native American leader from Canada. You will also find there her translation of a poem written by a great Czech poet of the 19th century - Josef Vaclav Sladek - describing the tragic situation of American Indians. Oyate Protest page is a tribute to the Oglala Lakota Grass Roots Oyate, who were occupying the Red Cloud Building in Pine Ridge in January 2000 in order to protest against corrupted tribal leaders supported by the US administration.



Several pages of this web in English are dedicated to the Navajo punk-rock band BLACKFIRE. Bushka had organized their Tour 2001 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (as a part of their European Tour), which was a tribute to Leonard Peltier. The Tour was very successful, Czech people loved her Navajo friends and insisted on their return. So in July 2002, BLACKFIRE were back again, and since they are coming here every year!

Bushka's origin is partly Czech and partly Italian (dating since the 17th century). Some of her ancestors vere members of high aristocracy, but the ancestor Bushka is the most proud of was the leader of the greatest peasant rebellion, that took place in the Central Europe of 18th century. Unfortunately, the rebellion ended by a battle in the neighborhood of a town called Chlumec, where Bushka's ancestor and his peasants were so badly beaten, that still nowadays people in her country are used to say: "Take care, or you'll end up like the peasants at Chlumec."




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